Treme Community Center, Keith Calhoun and Chandra Calhoun

Treme Community Center, Keith Calhoun
and Chandra Calhoun



JULY 19 - August 23, 2015

OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday, July 19, 5-8PM

The Sublime of the Mundane

Interactive installations and performances curated by Jasmine Murrell.
Artists: Jisun Beak, Mallory Breiner, Keith Calhoun and Chandra Calhoun, Florine Demosthene, C.Finley, Dominika Ksel, Shellyne Rodriguez, Andre Springer, Rufus Tureen, Anonymus B.

Video and Performances: Saturday, August 15, 4pm.

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June 6 - June 28, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 6, 5-8pm

Color: Sculpted and Painted

Dieter Kuhn, Norbert Masal, Cindy Millin, Scott Reeds

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June/July 2015

Running out of Thread

Opening 07/01, 6-8:00pm
Performance and closing 07/11, 6:00pm
Exhibition of suspended sculptures by Constance Slaughter. Performance choreographed by Felix Aarts, performed by Sarah Rodak.

Silently to the Night

07/14, 6-9pm
Experimental multimedia screening and interactive social media experience by visual artist, Christie Neptune. Curated by Candice Fortin.