June 25 — July 13, 2014
Opening: Saturday, June 28, 5-8pm


Works by South and North Korean artists.

Curated by Heng-Gil Han
Co-organized by Korea Art Forum and Gallery HO

Chang Ho Choi,  Gye Keun Choi, Ildan Choi,  Suntek Chung,  Tcha Sup Kim,  Kakyoung Lee,  Kelvin Kyung Kun Park,  Yooah Park,  Chang Ri,  Sungsook Setton

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July 19 - August 3, 2014
Opening: Saturday, July 19,

The Perception of Wilderness in The Garden of Us

Installation by Rashanna Rashied-Walker

A site-specific installation blurring the lines of what is nature, what is wilderness, what is wild. 


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August 10 - August 24, 2014
Opening reception: Saturday, August 16, 4-7pm


Photographs by Michael Britto, Francelle Jones, Kerwin Williamson.
Drawings by Gustavo Azael Torres.

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SpaceProgram at FiveMyles:

This program offers our venue, free of charge, to emerging, young artists, musicians and performers for unfunded short-term events and exhibitions, in-between our scheduled exhibition programming and during the summer months, when the gallery would otherwise be empty. Events often take place on the wide sidewalk outside FiveMyles.

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