BENEFIT EXHIBITION: October 19 - October 23, 2016


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2016, 4-7PM

4pm: Reception and Showings of "Baby, Said Alice B. Toklas", by Hanne Tierney


5:30pm: Raffle

Join us on October 23rd for an afternoon of celebration and art! Your benefit ticket will help pay for much needed roof renovations so that the work, the audience, the artists and ourselves can stay dry through all seasons!

A single benefit ticket (entry for one, $200) or a double benefit ticket (entry for two, $250) guarantee entry to the event and:

  • One original artwork, donated by one of our generous artists, and attributed to you through a raffle during the event:
    when your name is picked, you are able to announce your preferred available work (more explanations below)..
  • Performances of "Baby, said Alice B. Toklas", Hanne Tierney's new, 15-minute self-performing theater piece during the event.
  • 10-minute performance by renowned puppeteer and MacArthur awardee Basil Twist.
  • Snacks, open bar, and live music.


Each artwork will be assigned a number on October 19, both on the website and at the benefit exhibition at FiveMyles. Write the number of your ten favorite art works on a sheet we will send you once you purchase a ticket. At the event, your name will be thrown in a hat and when it is picked out, you can call out the number of your preferred art work. Should it already been taken, you can call out the number of your second choice, and so on. 

DONATing Artists (IN Progress):

Luis Alonso
Mildred Beltre
Emily Berger
Lourdes Bernard
Louisa Caldwell
George Cochrane
Jason Cole Mager
Nicholas Constantakis
Caroline Cox
Elisa D'Arrigo
Donna Dennis
Karni Dorell
Oasa DuVerney
Michael Ensminger
Deborah Everett
Emily Feinstein
Enrique Figueredo
Matt Freedman
Erin Gleason
Anita Glesta
Janet Goldner

Derek Haffar
Ruth Hardinger
Barbara Hatfield
Robert Hickman
Wendy Hirshberg
Yoko Inoue
Marcus Jahmal
Vandana Jain
Douglas James
Iona Kleinhaut
Fran Kornfeld
Dominika Ksel
Dieter Kuhn
Monique Luchetti
Kimberly Mayhorn
Meridith McNeal
Cyrilla Mozenter
Judith Murray
Jasmine Murrell
Richard Nonas
C. Michael Norton
Sandra Osip
Jim Osman

Don Porcaro
Jessica Rankin
Scott Reeds
Patrice Robinson
Anne Russinof
A.V. Ryan
Naomi Safran-Hon
Andra Samelson
Bianca Schreiber
Alex Sewell
Constance Slaughter
Tim Spelios
Andrea Stanislav
Ceaphas Stubbs
Gwen Thomas
Mary Ting
Katherine Toukhy
Amanda Turner Pohan
Basil Twist
Rachel Urkowitz
Joy Walker
Mia Westerlund-Rosen
John Willenbecher


If you would like to purchase a ticket but cannot make it to the event, please contact us. We will act as surrogates for you and call out your choices when your name is picked out during the raffle. Please call 718-783-4438 or email or


Nicholas Constantakis, Jay Crockett, Manuel Fernandez, Jessamyn Fiore, Felipe Gamba, Queen GodIs, Marcia Hafif, Carl E. Hazlewood, Lisa Kim, Isissa Komada-John, Charlotta Kotik, Derrica Lane,  Barbara Norman, Constance Slaughter, Kim Whitener


Take 2, 3, or 4 trains to Franklin Avenue. Walk two blocks against the traffic on Franklin. Walk ¾ block to 558 St. Johns Place. FiveMyles is within easy walking distance from the Brooklyn Museum.